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Google announces smart contact lens design

Gadgets are getting closer and closer to our bodies. In addition to Glass, we have seen watches, bracelets and even smart bra. This time, Google announced a project to smart contact lenses! Still in development, contact lenses could analyze a user's tears and measure blood glucose levels.

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Smart Contact Lenses: Google's Newest Bet
<p>The project, which is co-founded by + Babak Parviz, came out of the mysterious Google X lab, the one that tests cars that drive alone and developed Google Glass. In addition to measuring blood sugar through the eyes, lenses can also check blood fat levels noninvasively, which enables early detection of cardiovascular problems.</p><div class=

"You know diabetes is a serious and growing problem around the world, affecting one in 19 people on the planet. But you may not know about the difficulties of someone who has diabetes and at work that is monitoring their sugar levels. Our project wants to help these patients, said + Babak Parviz.

The lenses have a wireless micro chip and a glucose sensor. Researchers are studying a way to incorporate small LED lights into the lenses for notification alerts. Parviz's team has already met with the FDA, US ANVISA, to discuss the viability of the project, as the technology is directly linked to the health of the user. Anyone who has or knows someone who needs to monitor sugar levels often knows the usefulness of such an initiative. And you, what did you think of the project? Comment!

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