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Google announces Home Hub, smart home assistant that comes with a screen

The launch of the Google Home Hub was expected, as was the arrival of smartphones. Pixel 3 and 3XL Pixel and also from Pixel Slate, the company's new tablet. O Google Home Hub It has the same functionality as the already known Google Home, brings some new and has the screen as a differential.

The main purpose of the gadget is to create a more caring and caring home using the added display and the database. Google. With Google Home, the interaction happens only with the voice, in Home Hub it is possible to have a visual interaction with the device, this allows a lot of features offered by the voice assistant.

To launch the Hub, speech recognition and services involving the search tool, YouTube, maps, calendar and photos.

One example of functionality demonstrated during the presentation was to connect the gadget with a security camera in your home and be able to see who is in front of the door. The system even comes with a unique step-by-step recipe app with a recipe library.

The presentation also commented on the possibility of following recipes on YouTube and access music from the site by following the clip on the screen.

Please note that the Google Home Hub does not come with a camera, which alleviates the concerns of some privacy users, but limits some features such as video calls from Google Hangouts.

Another point was to work the screen brightness intelligently, adjusting the intensity according to the environment, the company called this intelligent programming of Ambient EQ.

One of the system simplifications present in this release is Home View, a centralization of smart home devices where the user can have control of each one. In Google Home this integration is not so visual and sometimes difficult to manage, in Hub this functionality has been presented in a way that seems simpler, intuitive and visual.

In order to better adapt to the environment in which it is used, the Hub has been programmed to recognize more than one person, so it is able to record and identify who is speaking to generate a result that suits the person who is speaking the most.

The Google Home Hub is available for pre-sale on the Google store for $ 149 with a six month subscription to YouTube Premium and can usually be purchased from October, 22 in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Australia.

Source: Google