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Google accelerates the development of its own voice assistant

In the fight to optimize operating systems, programs and applications between Google, Apple, Microsoft and Samsung who always wins we are consumers. Yesterday Microsoft shook the ground with the launch of its newest Surface tablet, what the consequence of this, the new tablets will have to be equal or better in technology and innovation, in a way this is the market law, right? Perhaps this is why Google developers and engineers are currently developing their own voice assistant in what The Wall Street Journal called Top Secret Google X Lab.

Yesterday we posted here on AndroidPIT the comments of Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple, about Siri, voice assistant present on the iPhone. According to Wozniak, technology has everything to be one of the great advances of communication if well developed. Google is speeding up the process of bringing in something bigger than a simple application like Siri or S-Voice that tells you about weather conditions or calendar reminders, rumors are something like the Star Treck computer.

Anyway, some news will be brought up next week during Google I / O, that Big G has conditions to develop an even more amazing technology no doubt, the other question here, is that Android OS supports such technology? Let's wait.

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Image: Androidcentral