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Fruit Ninja has already been featured here in our review space. It was, a few months ago, app of the week. With such popularity and demand, we decided to raise it back to this status. If you haven't downloaded this super fun game yet, how about enjoying the occasion and having it on your device for a more inviting price? Still not convinced it's worth it? Then read again the review of Fruit Ninja and draw your conclusions.

Functions & Usage

Device: HTC Desire (Root and Custom ROM)Fruit Ninja brings us good vibes. From the beginning they draw attention to their super fun animals. In the main screen we have the option to adjust the volume, as well as the possibility to select four different scenarios to start slicing fruits: new game, feint, dojo and quit.

If you click on new game, the round begins. You can choose which mode you want to play in: classic, zen mode or arcade mode. In classic mode, you will have to cut the fruits using your touchscreen and rely completely on your fingers. Be careful not to cut a bomb, otherwise the game ends. Every time you can cut the fruits into slices, points will be accumulated.

Zen mode, in turn, has no bombs. That is, you will not explode, but will have to be able to cut as much fruit as possible within 90 seconds.

Already the most arcade mode, say hardcore. You have to cut the maximum of fruits in 60 seconds and still have to be careful not to cut bombs, which come back to the scene.

Some fruits are special. Among them are those who freeze time. A certain combination of fruits gives you more points, too. The truth is that the three modes are very interesting and fun.

In dojo mode you will have access to the sensei sweg, ie its trophies. There you can choose any special sword you have won, such as a sword you get after cutting 40 bananas.

ConclusionFruit Ninja is a fairly easy game. This does not prevent you, however, from being fun. In fact, it is a great pastime. The different modes it features allow you to vary the way you play a little without easily getting bored of the game. It's nice that your score can be published on OpenFeint. There are no precise instructions on how to get swords or which fruits are best.

Screen & Controls

Fruit Ninja controls are relatively simple. In fact, the game is just about slicing fruit by sliding your fingers over the screen. The graphic of the app, in turn, the most fun.

Speed ??& Stability

Fruit Ninja works smoothly, smoothly. There were no crashes or blockages during our tests.

Price / Performance Ratio

The normal price for Fruit Ninja is 0.96. As this is the app of the week, it costs only 0.49 (around $ 1.19). It's worth it.

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