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DxOMark: Galaxy Note10 + camera breaks record and takes the lead in ranking

Last week Samsung announced its new flagships, O Galaxy Note10 it's the Note10 +, which revived the smartphone market with three cameras (the 10+ even has four!); but how can the cameras phablet of the South Korean giant sided in the tests of the DxOMark next to others gadgets top-of-the-line features like the iPhone XS Max? Spoiler: very well indeed.

The new devices from the manufacturer have some sturdy configurations, which include a new ToF sensor responsible for taking 3D shots of environments or objects. Specifically, the Note10 and 10+ have a 12MP primary sensor with a variable aperture lens /1.5-2.4; a lens ultra wide 16MP aperture with /2.2 aperture and a 12MP telephoto lens with /2.1 aperture.

With one overall score of 113, the Galaxy Note10 + has become the top rated device in the DxOMark ranking. THE gadget scored 118 points in static imaging tests, falling one point behind the Huawei P30 Pro (119); iPhones XS Max and XR scored 105 and 101 points in this category, respectively.

Although the Note10 score was at the same level as the Note10 +, the 6.3 ? model had some image processing adjustments that significantly improved image quality in some cases, even better than the Note10 +.

Rear camera test

In the following images, photos recorded with the Galaxy Note10 + are on the left; those taken with the Huawei P30 Pro are at the center; and those made with the iPhone XS Max are right. Check it out and draw your own conclusions:

Front camera test

At 99 points, the Galaxy Note10 + is the new leader in the DxOMark front camera category. Reaching an impressive 103 photo points, it also leads the overall sub-score in the category, thanks to excellent performance in virtually every test.

The images below were taken from left to right by the Galaxy Note10 +, iPhone XS Max, and P30 Pro front cameras:

Video Test

In terms of video, the Note10 and 10+ do very well in terms of stabilization and autofocus, with fast response time and minimal focus during recording, making them the best. gadgets already tested by DxOMark for this purpose, getting 101 points.

Here's how they do compared to iPhone XS Max:

Galaxy Note10 +

Galaxy S10

iPhone XS Max

Apple is expected to introduce new rear-camera iPhones this year, as well as a new 12MP front sensor, but will Apple's smartphone be able to achieve (or beat) the results of the new Galaxy Note10 and 10+? We'll see.