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You should certainly enjoy traveling and meeting new people. If so, today's app was made just for you. We are talking about CouchSurfing. You may have heard of the CouchSurfing webpage. It is a social network for travelers and that contacts people from all over the world who are willing to offer their sofas to house adventurers. If you are interested and want to know how this app works, keep reading our review today.

Functions & Usage

CouchSurfing is one of the best known social networks in the world and is designed to connect people looking for, have or want to share a place to sleep, eat or just want to meet people at a certain travel destination. The app offers the services of page.

This means that to use it, you have to be registered on this page or login through Facebook. Registration takes a few minutes to complete. As always, you need to enter your data, email address and complete the profile. The more complete your profile, the easier it will be to connect with others. You can indicate where you live, which cities you have visited, which cities are in your plans to visit. You can also briefly describe yourself, your interests, etc. Editing the profile is easy and can be done at any time.

After completing this step, you can start using the app, ie contact users from the rest of the world. When starting the app you will find the following options:

  • Info: a personal photo will be displayed, your age, the date you last logged in, the date you became a member of the social network and your English language level (this you must complete when you are profiling, of course)
  • Photos: Photos you have made of your home or travels will be displayed in this option.
  • Sofa Status: Here you can indicate if your sofa is free, for how many people and if you have any preference with respect to the gender of guests.
  • References: Place for comments and assessments that have been made regarding your city, your home, etc.
  • Friends: Here you have the data of people you have connected with

The most complete web page, however, the app offers the most important services for connecting people and finding a pleasant place to stay. CouchSurfing is an interesting and economical way to travel, which allows you to meet new places and people. No one can deny that it is much better to know a certain city with the help of a local resident. That is, with CouchSurfing you don't even have to hire a local guide.

ConclusionCouchSurfing is a very useful app especially for those who are already used to using the webpage of that social network. It is nonetheless interesting for newbies who want to travel and spend little money and at the same time are open to meeting new people. If you're one of those who prefers to pay 5-star hotels, then forget it: CouchSurfing is not for you.

Screen & Controls

The information you need to manage CouchSurfing is displayed clearly and at all times. They appear on all screens of the different options offered. Just slide your finger on the screen and you'll have them. The design is quite sober. After all, the most important here is the functionality of the app.

Speed ??& Stability

CouchSurfing worked stably during our testing period: no blocking or then forced deletion.

Price / Performance Ratio

CouchSurfing is a free app and available for download from the AndroidPIT App Center. In addition to the low budget holidays, you still pay nothing for the app.

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