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CES Unveiled: Gadgets, Drones, Health Monitors and More

During the event CES UnveiledOn the first day of the Las Vegas Technology Fair, many manufacturers showed their news on gadgets and wearables. I was able to watch the presentation and test some very interesting innovations. Here is my selection of devices.



This year CES is focusing on wearables, devices you can wear, especially those focused on health and fitness. The first gadget I tried was Tinke: the device reads the blood by pulsing on your finger and passes information like blood oxygen, pulse and pressure directly to your Android device app. All in a matter of seconds. The idea is that you read your data every day at the same time. Based on varying data, the app then provides health tips. Tinke for Android will be released soon, and work via Bluetooth. It should cost $ 129 in the US.

androidpit tinke
Health gadgets are one of CES's strengths. AndroidPIT


Another big CES theme this year is home automation, or smart home (see Samsung's field proposals here). Ok-i-dokey is a new way to unlock your door with a smart lock installed. Using an app, a special smart key, a bracelet, or a card reader, it opens the door without the need for a traditional key and lock. You can also unlock the door by sound (and share this sound via app with those who also have input permission). The gadget even sends notifications when your children arrive home. I asked about the possibility of hacking the device, and the Ok-i-dokey representative said that the company behind its development has a long history of developing electronic room keys. It will be released soon to the US market, but the price has not yet been revealed.

androidpit okidokeys
Close your home in a modern way. / AndroidPIT


A French company called Withings has created a new gadget for the headboard: it looks like a kind of mini fan, and emits a blue or red light. It has no physical buttons and touch control. The red used to fall asleep and at the time of awakening, the blue triggered. According to company research, these two colors best serve these purposes. There is also a sensor that you put under your mattress to measure your sleep patterns. Connected to Withings, he decides when the time to wake up. In addition, the gadget has the functions of clock and alarm clock.

androidpit withings
Monitor your sleep with Withings. AndroidPIT

Parrot Mini Drone

The Mini Drone is a very cool invention, although I couldn't imagine any practical use for it. Anyway, it shows how advanced we are in this technology. The Parrot company is new to the business. The Mini Drone, according to its creator, is the most stable microdrone in existence: it has fast flight mode, beginner control and indoor wheels. Its very robust design and very precise control.

androidpit mini droid
Mini Drone very fast and stable. AndroidPIT


This is definitely a gadget that I would use: the TrackR a keychain that can be attached to your wallet or anything else. Over Bluetooth, you can track it up to 30 meters away. The best part, however, is that if you exceed this 30 meter limit, the little beamer will be tracked by other smartphones, even if they don't know it! The location thus remains accurate. When approaching TrackR, it will emit a sound activated by the corresponding app, which also shows a map.

androidpit trackr
One necessary gadget: TrackR. AndroidPIT

These were just a few things I saw during my visit to the CES 2014 Unveiled event. Stay tuned for more news about the Las Vegas Fair.

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