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Battery Recall Eligible MacBooks Pro Banned from US Flights

Last June, Apple announced a recall for some 15-inch MacBooks Pro (2015 model, with Retina display), sold between September 2015 and February 2017. Now the Federal Aviation Administration (Federal Aviation Administration, or FAA) of the United States has decided that such recall-eligible machines have not yet been verified. banned from all domestic flights, as reported by Bloomberg.

Please note that Apple's recall covers batteries of this specific model of MacBook Pro, as some of these components may overheat and risk explosion.

The FAA reported that major US airlines were notified of the recall and instructed to follow proper recommendations for undelivered Apple machines yet. In this case, affected MacBooks Pro that have not had their batteries replaced will not be allowed on flights either as checked cargo or carry-on luggage.

Earlier this month, the European Union Aviation Security Agency also alerted area airlines to ensure that MacBook Pro units affected by the battery problem are shut down and not used during flights.

TUI Group Airlines plans to begin reporting on MacBook Pro models that are prevented from being transported by airplanes in port and before takeoff those who have had their batteries replaced will not be affected.

There is no information as to whether similar announcements will be made at US airports and in other countries or regions; Another question is how airlines will see which 15 ? MacBook Pro drives are actually affected by the battery problem, as you need to check each machine's serial number to confirm eligibility; and, also, which ones had the battery changed respectively.

Apple has asked owners of 15 ? MacBooks Pro (released mid-2015) to stop using their machines until they can take the necessary steps to replace their batteries. If you have this model and don't know if it's eligible for recall, just go to this support page and enter your Mac serial number.

via MacRumors