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Apple Watch Sleep Monitor Reference Appears on the App Store [atualizado: sumiu]

After Apple's last special event last September, we commented on what the company didn't launch and what "died" this year. Among the items is a feature long awaited by Apple Watch users: sleep monitoring. As we reported, Ma was somewhat expected to release the news with the Apple Watch Series 5, which did not happen.

But that doesn't mean the dream is over: as noted by a reader of the MacRumors, a preview of the app Alarm (Alarms) on the Watch App Store alludes to an app Sleep (Sleep) not yet announced. This is not the first time evidence of the feature has been "officially" leaked by Apple, as several function references have been seen in the beta version cycle of iOS 13.


I just found a mention of the Sleep app in the announced for Apple Watch? ? / app / alarms /

As seen in the feature interface shown in the screenshot, the user can create a specific alarm linked to the ?Bedtime? feature on Apple Watch itself from the supposed Sleep app. Apparently, this app would bring together not only the feature present in iOS, but also a host of other news covering sleep tracking.

For now, there is no reference to such an app Sleep in the watchOS 6.0.1 Alarm app or in the watchOS 6.1 beta, but by joining the points you can understand that Ma is actually working on such a feature and that the capture screen view in the App Store was shared in advance.

Despite the imminence of the feature, it is likely that Apple will not bid until next year, possibly with the "Apple Watch Series 6"; therefore, it is not possible to confirm whether the novelty is tied to the hardware or software of the gadget or if even a major upgrade is needed to launch the feature, as apps can now be installed on the watch from the App Store itself.

We will see what time reveals.

Update 10/08/2019 s 08:00

Probably following the spillover of the watchOS screenshot ?leak? that indicated the existence of a Sleep app, Apple removed the image from the App Store, replacing it with a current screenshot of the Apple Watch Alarms app.

Not surprisingly, Apple has fixed the Alarm app screenshot to remove references to the Sleep app named for Apple Watch.

Hopefully, 2020 will definitely bring Apple's sleep monitoring feature.