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Apple has the most valuable brand in the world for 7th consecutive year

Apple may have gone through its fringes over the past year, but that doesn't seem to have affected the value of the iconic Apple at all. I say that because, in the latest list of most valuable brands from Interbrand, the Cupertino giant has remained in the lead for the seventh consecutive year, no less.

Keeping the gold medal, however, is not enough: Apple also saw, in the annual comparison, a jump of 9% in the value of your brand, reaching $ 234 billion in 2019. The Top 5 also maintained in relation to the previous year, with absolute dominance of technology brands: Google, Amazon and Microsoft followed Ma while the Coke it was the stranger in the nest of the top group. THE Samsung ranked sixth.

Interbrand called Apple's victory the result of the formation of a ?formidable ecosystem? amidst the company's ongoing transition process, where the focus is shifting from products to services.

Seventh consecutive year as the # 1 brand! With a slow but safe transition from service products, @Apple continues to build a formidable ecosystem. The technology giant has also grown its brand value by 9% to $ 234.2 billion. # IconicMoves

On the other hand, the brand that suffered most over the last year was the Facebook. The giant Mark Zuckerberg lost his post at Top 10 to Disney, and from 9th place in 2018, it dropped to 14, with a 12% loss in its brand value. The reasons are easy to understand (just look at the privacy scandals that the network has been involved in), but not so easy to remedy.

It is worth remembering that, to build the ranking, Interbrand takes a number of factors into consideration, such as commitment, governance, clarity, relevance, differentiationauthenticity engagement, consistency and presence in bold, are the aspects in which Apple stood out throughout 2018, according to the agency.

via AppleInsider