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Angelbird Announces AtomX SSD for Atomos Ninja V Capture Monitors

Angelbird maker announced storage device AtomX SSDmini, An SSD designed for the Atomos Ninja V capture monitor, used by content producers to record real-time camera images.

Using SATA connection, the device is made in SSDMini format, which ensures a compact body, which does not mean that performance has been compromised. AtomX comes with 560 MB / s read and 520MB / s write, plus support for files up to 5.7K.

In addition to being usable on Ninja V, the product is also backwards compatible with other Atomos capture monitors of the Ninja and Shogun lines. The storage device can also work with Sumo products with the aid of an adapter.

AtomX SSDmini will be sold in 500GB and 1TB versions for $ 199.90 and $ 399.90 respectively. The product begins to arrive in Europe this month.

Check out more information on the Angelbird website.

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