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Wimbledon 2012 on your Android

Today begins the tournament of Wimbledon, one of the most important events in the tennis world, and here we have the official app for android, so that you miss absolutely nothing. Here you can download this app along with the top ten tennis apps we have prepared for you.

With this app you will have access to everything that happens during the Wimbledon 2012 tournament. You can see the participating tennis players, their technical sheets, photos, calendars, rankings, news, best play videos, live scores, radio, interviews to players, etc ..

If you are in London and are planning to go to the All England Club, where the tournament is taking place, you will not be without this app, because in addition to all this information you will find a map where you can see where the points of interest are, where to eat , shopping or withdrawing money.

The official Wimbledon 2012 tournament app free and requires Android 2.2. Click on the following image to download it:

Wimbledon android

Wimbledon for Android

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