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What is the best phone for less than 500 reais?

Two weeks ago, I made a list of phones for less than a thousand reais that includes exceptional handsets like the Moto G it's the Xperia L. But in everyone who has this amount to spend, anyway? Especially with Christmas coming, I need to juggle to buy cheap, quality gifts at the same time. So I decided to make another list, this time with the best devices for less than 500 reais. Check it out and be amazed at the quality of some of them.


Sony Xperia E dual

Who says I need to give up a cool design just because we're going to pay less? The Sony Xperia E proves that it is possible to have a cheap smartphone that does not look cheap. But its advantages do not stop at the visual. The 3.5-inch screen device has interesting native apps like the famous Walkman, Sony's music player, as well as a battery-power manager and another that tracks your mobile bill spending. As its name implies, the Xperia E has dual chip, comes with factory Android 4.0 and 3.2 MP camera.

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The design one of the strengths of the Xperia E dual. / Sony
<h2><strong>Samsung Galaxy Fame</strong></h2>
<p>In Galaxy Fame, I would not highlight the design so much as its 1 GHz processor, its native Android 4.1 and its 5 megapixel camera, which is exceptionally good for a device of this price category. Its standard internal memory of 4GB can be expanded up to 64 Giga with the microSD card. In addition, the device has a very popular function among us: receiving FM radio. One downside would be its RAM of just 512 MB.</p>
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Samsung has at least one Galaxy for all budget sizes. / Samsung

LG Optimus L5

When it comes to flagship, LG made it beautiful this year with the LG G2 and with the part that fit Nexus 5. But how does the manufacturer fare when looking for cheaper devices? The answer: not so well, of course, but neither does it disappoint. A good example is the LG Optimus L5. The dual chip device has 4 inches diagonal screen, comes with factory Android 4.1 and a good 5 MP camera. A disadvantage compared to its competitors is the single core processor, which can slow it down a bit. Moreover, a beautiful device, whose successor, the Optimus L5 II, I found for just over 600 reais, and so had to leave the list.

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Optimus L5: LG also convinces with cheaper phones. / LG
<h2><strong>Motorola RAZR D1</strong></h2>
<p>One thing for sure: The RAZR D1 has a very satisfied group of owners. I rarely read criticisms or negative comments from readers. But what makes it such a popular device? Would it be your built-in analogue and digital TV support, dual chip, 5MP autofocus camera, Google apps included or Android update guarantee? Maybe a combination of all this. If it were to mention a negative point, I would say that its 3.5 inch screen may be rather small for watching video and television. But that is the usual question.</p>
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The RAZR D1 has a large f-club. / Motorola

This list was a suggestion for the beginning of our conversation. Do you have another suggestion? I would like to know your opinion in the comments.

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