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Nike + Running App – The Official App for Android

The most popular app to track your race, the Nike +, just arrived at the Google Play Store. The app has the ability to track, share your results while running, as well as motivate the slowest with audio. Best of all, Nike + is completely free.

The app offers a range of unique features including:

  • A comparison of your race with the last seven.
  • Visualization of all your runs side by side is a graph of the progress that has already been made.
  • The best Nike + routes in your area, syncing your runs with nikeplus.
  • Widget that displays the total mileage.
  • Audio that motivates you as you run.
  • Marking on the map and ability to share your routes with friends and family.
  • Write down how you felt, the terrain you ran on and the weather.

There are several fitness apps including Endomondo Fitness Tracker and Zombies Run, but Nike + is definitely the prettiest, most casual, fun and easy to use.

To download the app click on the following image:

Nike + Running

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