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New Steam Library Layout Comes Soon

Company will overhaul the entire layout of the game library to be in harmony with the new visual identity.

Many use Steam as their primary game manager, so they have access to over 30,000 titles of the most varied possible. Why not change the bodywork, right?

New Steam Library Layout Comes Soon

If we think about it, Steam's layout was kind of stalled in time, thus lacking a complete overhaul, but not losing its essential features.

First it started with the main page and now it will arrive at the platform Store. Thus confirming some rumors that circulated a few months ago. We even have a post that showed the initial tests.

Now officially, and with the following comment from Valve:

The new Steam library was created following the idea that our libraries are valuable to some users, they contain over 15 years of games. Whether it's that AAA game that all your friends play or that independent art project you seem to enjoy, your Steam library represents your history in the gaming world. A good library, however, should be more than just dusty shelves, but also a fun place to explore and find what you're looking for. Your library should help you stay tuned for news of your games, find a game to play with friends, or explore the creations and discussions in the community of each game.

They have also announced a new event system, thus helping devs to attract more players to their games, as well as making it easier to notify them of game updates and combining with the Events tool, thus making it easier for the gamer to live. In addition to the events related to the game, it need not be an update itself.

To check out the full post of the official Steam blog post, follow the link. It is expected to arrive on September 17 and will be available for all three platforms: Linux, macOS and Windows. This article does not end here, keep exchanging an idea there in our forum.

Hope to see you next, a big hug.


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