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NapBot Uses Apple Watch to Track Your Sleep Trends

One of the most anticipated rumors for the Apple Watch Series 5 (and watchOS 6), the native sleep monitoringThere is no evidence that Ma is working on something like this; but for whatever reason, we haven't seen the feature officially announced by the company. Meanwhile, the developers cover this important watch gap.

The latest app to take responsibility for you the Napbot, a sleep monitor from CardioBot creators using Apple Watch and Core ML machine learning techniques to give you a complete and intelligent view of your nighttime (or daytime, whatever) habits.

NapBot - Auto Sleep Tracker app icon

The operation of the app is very simple: just grant access to your sleep data in the Sade app (Health), and from then on, keep the habit of using Apple Watch when you go to sleep there is no need to start a session to monitor your sleep or something, as NapBot can automatically perceive this type of occurrence.

Once configured, the app begins collecting your sleep data daily. On the iPhone, you can analyze this information in two tabs: in the calendar, you see your individually recorded nights of sleep (and naps), and by tapping one of them, you can check information on how long you sleep (as well as your sleep time). bed), heart rate, hours of deep sleep or light sleep, and more. In the trends tab, you check how you have evolved (or regressed) in your nocturnal habits.

NapBot's main point of attraction is intelligence: More than raw data, the app can interpret your sleep information to give tips and set goals for healthier nights. You can configure the app to send you notifications and remind you, for example, of optimal sleep times considering data from previous nights.

NapBot, which requires iOS 13 and watchOS 6, can be downloaded for free from the App Store; its most in-depth resources, however, are only available through a monthly subscription of R $ 3,90 or annual R $ 38.90. For those who want to have healthier nights, it is worth checking out at least while Apple is not in the game.

via MacStories