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Meet Palm Phone, Palm's New Mini Smartphone

THE Palm You are back with one of the smallest smartphones you have ever seen. THE Palm phone It is a mini smartphone that is being sold more as a "companion" to your main smartphone, not to be used alone. like a big smartwatch. Check out the unboxing video and impressions of the folks at Phone arena:

Although not designed to be your only mobile phone, the Palm Phone comes with a variety of functions, not being locked with the carrier and accepting to change the chip, as well as allowing all kinds of applications to be downloaded from Google Play, like any ordinary smartphone.

Palm Phone Official Website

Palm Phone Technical Features:

– Display: 3.3 '' HD LCD (720p) – Android 8.1 Oreo- Processor: Snapdragon 435- Rear Camera: 12MP- Front Camera: 8MP- Memory: 3GB RAM and 32GB Storage

The Palm Phone for now sold exclusively by the US carrier Verizonbut the folks at Phone arena tested and saw that the smartphone unlocked by accepting chips from other carriers.

In fact, what makes it harder to buy Palm Phone is not its lack of availability, but rather the price. The device is being sold by $ 349.99. It is noteworthy that Nokia 7.1, a smartphone itself, not just a mobile "companion", was announced at about the same price.

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