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iOS 13 is already in 50% of active touch iPhones and iPods; iPadOS has 41% adoption

THE iOS 13 was launched almost a month ago, and following the traditions of fast adoption by Ma users, it has already gained a good penetration among the installed base of iTrecos. Apple updated yesterday the App Store support page indicating that the adoption rate of the new system is in many ways (almost) similar to that of iOS 12.

According to Ma, iOS 13 is already installed on 50% of iPhones and iPods touch assets around the world (iOS 12 represents 41%); Considering only devices presented in the last four years, this index rises to 55%.

IOS 13 adoption fee

For the first time, following the release of the iPadOS, Apple has broken iPad statistics into their own numbers: 33% of all Ma tablets are already running the new system, or 41% considering only the iPads released in the last four years. Remember that iPadOS came out almost a week after iOS, which may explain the slower adoption rate.

Ma's new systems perform slightly lower than iOS 12: Last year the system was already at 50% of all iOS devices in just two weeks of release.

Among the readers of Not surprisingly, the adoption rate for iOS 13 is much higher: Over the past week, it has comprised 77% of users of iPhones, iPads and iPods touch. Another 17% are on iOS 12 and the rest on previous versions of the mobile operating system.

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