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IOS 13 codes give clues about Apple's augmented reality glasses [atualizado]

Years ago we commented on the possibility of Apple launching a headset augmented reality but last July the DigiTimes threw a bucket of cold water over these rumors, stating that the company would have canceled its AR glasses development project by echoing this year's events involving AirPower.

However, in the world of technology one should not take certain rumors to the letter, always with the maximum: see to believe. Recently, the MacRumors uncovered some clues in the bowels of iOS 13 which suggest that Apple Glasses they are alive (and even have a code name).

Internally, iOS 13 has an app called STARTester you can enable and disable a ?Mode Headset?Presumably to replicate the functionality of an AR system on an iPhone.

There is also a ?Read Me? file in iOS 13 codes that describes a system called StarBoard for AR-enabled applications, which indicates support for some type of headset.

But the next thing that creates the possibility that Ma is developing its own AR hardware: the file also suggests the development of an Apple codenamed augmented reality device. Garta possibly one of several prototypes under the T288 registry.

In addition, the MacRumors claims to have found several system-related references StarBoard describing situations involving ?visualization? and ?scene? as well as AR technologies such as ARStarBoardViewController and ARStarBoardSceneManager.

Unlike the DigiTimes, some well-known sources had already claimed that Ma could launch an augmented reality device by 2020, including the analyst. Ming Chi Kuo and Mark Gurman of Bloomberg. Even developer Steve Troughton-Smith stated that he expected the headset released earlier than expected.

However, only if / when Apple Glasses are released will we be sure that the project has been successful; after all, AirPower has also been cited by Apple several times, and well, we know very well what it did.

Update by Eduardo Marques 9/2/2019 6:32 PM

See s: inside the new app Search (Find My), O MacRumors discovered a cone that represents what appear to be AR / VR glasses very similar to Google Cardboard.

According to the site, there are "on" and "off" versions of the icon (in white and gray, respectively), and they are identified by the names MockMode and B389 which are codenamed by Apple's supposed Bluetooth tracker.

That is, it is possible that these icons simply represent the AR mode of the Search app, not a headset in itself.