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In Bristol, the smartphone that recharges with urine

The eternal problem of smartphones is little autonomy. Luckily, there are those who work in alternative recharging methods, like the one developed by the University of Bristol: with pee. See the details.

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Sorry, I'm recharging my phone … / AndroidPit

Attempts to recharge a solar-powered smartphone battery with walking-powered cynical energy and even boiling water are well known, but researchers at the Bristol Robotics Laboratory have definitely surpassed them all and found an inexhaustible power source that It is not linked to the vagaries of climate like other renewable energy sources.

The battery used in the experiment is not a normal battery, but an accumulator that uses energy to interact with bacteria to produce energy. Microbial fuel cells (MFCs) are an energy converter that transforms organic material into electricity through the metabolism of microorganisms. They are not an absolute novelty, but the first time they are used to operate a Samsung smartphone (not specified). Upon contact with the urine, these cells produce energy that is later accumulated and can be used by the cell phone.

At the moment, the researchers say, enough energy was produced to send some SMS, surf the Internet, and make a short phone call. Not enough to meet average daily use, but early results are promising and raw material is not lacking.

What did you think of the idea? Do you think we can use a battery like this one day?

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