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Many of you may have already spent hours surfing the net to find a decent calendar app. Decent here means: not an application that necessarily offers a thousand features, but one that serves you with the essentials. Certainly it is not easy to find something like this, as many apps come with such a thousand features that ultimately you will never use. In general, users are looking for a calendar that gives an accurate and accurate overview of appointments and not one that also provides information about the weather in Azerbaijan. Of course: a simple calendar in terms of controls. What comes closest to this is CalenGoo. Read our review about it and draw your conclusions.

Functions & Usage

Appointments, dates, times … oh, and birthdays.

Sync with Google CalendarCalenGoo syncs all your appointments with Google Calendar, which is very useful, especially if you want to manage your appointments from both a mobile phone and a PC. If you use tags to categorize appointments, they will also appear on your device screen. Labels arrange appointments in different colors. This means that you not only have a calendar, but also a beautiful and well-organized calendar, which makes finding appointments so much easier.

The app can also be used without any synchronization, that is, it is not a prerequisite.

Day, week or month overview. CalenGoo displays four different views. You can select a detailed view of the day, week or month, or a list of upcoming events. The latter is the clearest of all mentioned.

Google TasksThis function is very interesting if you are one of those who organizes your tasks using Google. CalenGoo displays all tasks in the calendar. This means that the application requires your Google access data to perform this function. In the theme, CalenGoo can be used through AuthSub. For this to work, simply enable sync from your Google account.

IMPORTANT!! Developer response on task synchronization via AuthSub (Update)Google Tasks Sync does not allow access through AuthSub. It only works with the correct password. If you are bothered by this, you can enable the new version of Google for 2-Step Verification and generate the CalenGoo app-specific password (this is only for users who have regular Google accounts, not Google Apps).

SetupCalenGoo has a simple but very good design (more details below). You have carte blanche to customize the look of your screen however you like. This means changing colors and the way widgets are viewed, for example. There is so much more.

WidgetsYou can select widgets for your list of months, weeks, or days, and set the size each one should have. You can choose the size, color and transparency of the widget.

Conclusion:One of the great advantages we found in CalenGoo is the fact that the app syncs with Google Calendar. Of course many will say that this is not big news. But the difference is that this app is very simple and objective, unlike so many others.

BenefitsSimple controlsGood supportMany customization optionsMany widgets to chooseEasy scroll through different eventsGoogle Sync

DisadvantagesAuthSub Does Not Work with Google Task SyncNo App2SD

Screen & Controls

Adjustable designAs stated earlier, CalenGoo colors are quite basic and discreet, but if you wish you can adjust them to your discretion in the settings. The same goes for widgets.

Controls are like taking candy from a childAll you have to do is drag and drop. Easier, impossible. You can move among your events as fish moves in the water. Syncing with Google Calendar is automatic, which means you can see changes in a matter of seconds.

Intuitive controls?With a double click you activate the functions and you can see all your appointments. The back button does not always work as it should, especially when you access the details of a certain appointment / event.

Speed ??& Stability

The fact that CalenGoo worked very well throughout the testing phase. Syncing with Google was fast and easy.

Price / Performance Ratio

CalenGoo costs 5.39 (something like $ 13.65) in our App Center. As this is the app of the week, you can get it for only 2.69 (or $ 2.81): a bargain!

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