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Apple customers will have even more repair options

Apple has just released a new program that offers its customers even more options to perform most common repairs on out-of-warranty iPhones.

More precisely, the company is opening up to outsourced technical assistance in the United States and ensuring that these companies (whether large or small) have the same original parts and tools that Apple Authorized Service Centers (CSAAs) use including ?unlock? equipment. ?Certain machines after some kind of repair.

According to Ma, there is no charge to participate in your independent repair program; however, to qualify, companies must have at least an Apple-certified technician who can perform the repairs, and remember that the certification process is simple and free. Qualified technical assistance will receive, in addition to parts, training and original diagnostic manuals from the company.

Second Jeff WilliamsApple's COO, the move was taken to ?better meet customer needs and make it easier for independent repair providers to use the same features as the authorized network?:

When a repair is needed, the customer should be confident that the repair is done correctly. We believe the safest and most reliable repair is that performed by a trained technician, using genuine parts that have been properly designed for that purpose and rigorously tested.

The new program is the result of months of testing with about 20 independent repair companies in North America, Europe and Asia. However, initially only US companies will be able to apply for the program, with possible expansion to other countries soon.

The news comes after the company announced last June that Best Buy would offer repair services for most of its retailers. gadgets It also shows that the Right to Repair movement (Right to repair) has not lost its breath in the American territory.