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How to buy the new Nexus 7 from Brazil

O new Nexus 7 It is already considered the best tablet of the year, but it will be a long time before it reaches Brazil. We have a tip, however, so you can buy your device right away. Check out.

Amazon appstore
New Nexus 7 – you can already buy it. / Google

After the introduction of the new Nexus 7, a few weeks ago, Android journalists and fans are almost unanimous in complimenting the device. Much to the chagrin of many, the device is only for sale in the United States for now, and I need an address in the country to buy the tablet over the internet.

How do I get an address in the US?

If your bag aunt just arrived from Miami without her Nexus, you can turn to companies like Borderlinx or MyUS. They provide a shipping address for the tablet in the US and arrange for referral to your home in Brazil. The inscription in Borderlinx free; at MyUS, it costs $ 10. I made a Borderlinx account to test the service.

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The site provides a shipping address in the US and England. / AndroidPIT
<h2><strong>How much does shipping from the United States cost?</strong></h2>
<p>If you buy Nexus 7 from sites like Amazon, shipping to US addresses is free. When you are redirected to Brazil, you must also calculate the prices of the mail, the service offered by the site and the Brazilian import duties. Borderlinx offers a price estimate on its website. With MyUS, you can choose the delivery service, for example.</p>
<p>The basic delivery cost for Borderlinx is approximately R $ 162, and taxes and fees have been estimated at R $ 301. In all, importing the new Nexus 7 should cost $ 465.00. Adding this amount to the price of the device on American Amazon ($ 229.00 or $ 520.00) we get a total of $ 985.00. Absurdly, it comes out cheaper than buying an old 2012 Nexus in Brazil ($ 999 at Wallmart). This issue of impractical Brazilian prices (as well as the consequent growth in electronic smuggling) was addressed by Camila in this opinion article.</p>
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Where can I buy Nexus 7?

After signing up for a site like Borderlinx and receiving your address, you simply need to buy Nexus from a US online store and enter the shipping address provided by the service provider site. Pay close attention when filling in this information! The device will then be delivered to the US address and you will receive a message to enable resending to the Brazilian address.

Will I have to pay customs fees?

Yes. Be careful, a good offer can turn into a real bore. The amount of fees only estimated in the Borderlinx program. It may be higher, therefore.

Have you tried this kind of service? What did you think of him?

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