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My TIM – How does the application work?

My TIM is an application made for customers of Control, Pr and Ps plans. The goal is to offer users more convenience by providing a track record of their activities as well as the advantages of fast recharge hiring and tips for making better use of the plan.

My Tim

TIM, one of the largest mobile operators in Brazil, currently has over 60 million chips scattered around the country.

The idea of ??the operator is to provide the customer with My TIM, an easier way to manage all services and especially the expenses with telephony and data packet usage.

In other words, by downloading the application from Google Play, regardless of whether your post paid or prepaid plan, you have access to Tim service, with access to frequently asked questions, promotions and news, in addition, it has other services such as: access to your account digital, access to minute consumption detail and many others you can follow below.

What is My TIM for?

The application interface is very easy to use, imagine gathering all the important information about your mobile plan in one place. There you have access to your detailed consumption, the available plans, what are the existing prepaid plans, if you have recharge available, what your existing balance, and can change the plan or registration data if necessary.

Tim app

This is precisely the purpose of My TIM, check out everything you can do through it:

1- View the invoice

The app saves a history of the last 6 phone bills, so you can make comparisons of the amount and status of the payment. This makes everyday life easier as there is no need to keep a folder full of papers at home.

All through the My Tim app, which you can download anytime and just fill in your account details. Through the app you have free access to consultation services, regardless of whether they are post paid or prepaid plans.

2- Can make payments

Plan invoices have barcodes that facilitate payment at your bank, if you prefer, you can send by email or text message.

My TIM also offers the possibility of online payment by selecting the invoice and one of the available banks, so all data is sent to your bank's website without having to enter all the invoice information.

There is also the option of automatic debit on some Tim plans, be they internet plans or others.

3- Consult internet consumption and minutes

If you want to know how much you are spending either minutes or internet, this is the most transparent way to consult. The app lets the user know exactly how much they spent not only in the current month, but in recent months.

For this, there is a graph that shows what was consumed, how much is left and when the package will be renewed. By downloading My Tim you can also see how much internet franchise is still available by getting your full Tim account information.

4- Make refills

With My TIM it is possible to place credits without leaving home, only through the app. For this, I need to choose the reload type, values ??and packages. After that, validate your data and you're done. Whether it's a credit or debit card, it's important to always be aware of Tim's control and also exclusive tips and promotions provided by your Tim app.

5- Total Balance

A summary of all your expenses, up to when they are worth, what are the promotional credits, deductibles and other complete information of your plan.

All of this, right by hand, is easy to consult without having to call your carrier. Tim Brasil facilitating your life of customer Tim, just access My Tim.

6- Can change plan

Plan migration can be done through the application, all necessary information is arranged in the application without having to talk to an attendant.

7- TIM for me

TIM customers have many advantages that can be redeemed, these will be arranged in this field in the app.

8- Help

My TIM offers a chat to answer all questions with an attendant, if you can not solve your problem through the application.

In addition, there is a field where the user can send suggestions for improving the app.

For those who are having trouble with the handset, you can consult an interactive help guide provided by each brand of mobile phone.

How to use My TIM?

The app can be used on android and IOS system, first need to download from Play Store or App Store respectively.

After that, you need to register, informing your data to have access to all functions of the application.

Although the application interface is quite user friendly, there is a welcome tutorial that helps the user and understand all the features of My TIM.

Therefore, there are no secrets to using the app. After you register, just click on the function you want to consult and you're done.

My TIM provides the easiest way to view and track all your plan information from anywhere in the world. a great alternative to organizing spending.

In addition, you log in to My TIM automatically when accessing the application through the TIM network. Stay on top of everything on your mobile line with this modern and handy app.