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Microsoft Edge browser may be too close to Linux

The latest browser from Microsoft may be days ahead of the Linux world.

As we have already posted here on the blog, Microsoft is getting closer and closer to the open source world. Be it with WSL, Visual Code Studio, Skype, among other ways. The most recent was about Slack competitor Microsoft Teams. Microsoft Edge browser may be too close to Linux

Now the latest product that can land in the Linux world, nothing less than the Microsoft Edge browser. That's right, my friends. The successor to Internet Explorer may be coming very soon.

Earlier this year, we made some stories talking about Edge and its possible arrival in Linux, which you can check out here, here and here.

We can say that the odds increased when Teams gained the attention of the development staff and is now being ported.

A strong indication he's coming is a tweet from an Edge dev, Sean Larkin, who released a form asking how you used the browser.

Remember, if you do not like the idea or are allergic to anything that comes from MS, no problem, there are other solutions for you, without neural and stress.

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