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Mail Tracking App – Which is the Best? How to track?

Sometimes anxiety about receiving some large order. And knowing if it will take her too long to get to or even where she is right now are frequently asked questions. But did you know that you can use mail tracking applications made by the Post Office!

Through it, it is possible to track orders directly on the Post Office site, just have the data you receive directly at the Post Office, if you need help, we are here to teach you how it works, see more. All of this can make your life easier when it comes to knowing when you need to be home, having a more accurate forecast of your package and of course lowering your expectation.

Best Post Office Tracking Apps

Currently, You will find a large list of applications that offer order data sent by Post.. The most used applications for this function are mentioned below, remembering that they do not open orders placed through private carriers:

  • Postman: details place of origin, shipping time and postal service used;
  • Easy Mail: Provides details about delivery status, freight calculation and search by Post Office agencies;
  • Muambator: tracks orders within Brazil and from other countries;
  • Order Tracker: Simple and practical application that provides basic delivery status information;
  • Tracking Post Offices: although it has that name, This is not an official Post Office app.. Its function is the updating of delivery status and custom ordering.

To use them, just go to your mobile device's app store, search for the name of the one you care about, and download. This way, you have the best apps to track, all through the simple Post Office portal, with a complete list of services provided, be they direct mail, postal order or many others.

They are designed specifically for those who need to know more about the days the order will arrive, learn about the delivery time and how many attempts will be made, not to mention the people who need to go to the Distribution Center to pick up their order. For there is no way to receive at home.

This makes it much easier to get organized on time, to know if you can pick up the package from your home or ask someone to be there to receive it, all through technology to make things work. a simpler and faster way.

Mail Tracker Application (Official)

post tracker app how to useFor those looking for a safer app you can make use of the Post Office app itself, designed to provide users with automated tracking of the status of orders placed at the Brazilian Post and Telgraph Company (ECT).

In addition to tracking the status of orders, the user has access to the following features:

  • Recording the order number and a description (or title) related order, for ease of identification. This makes it much easier to know about your specific order, especially if you have other orders at the same time.

For example, you can add it as a gift to mother, books, among others.

  • Complete order trackingthat is, you have access to information about time, date, status, additional services, location, origin and destination, weight of the order, delivery time and other data;
  • Notification by push With each change in the status of your order you automatically receive the information through the Post Office tracking server. Directly on your mobile device or other connected device.

This is an excellent function to prevent each user from having to perform manual queries in the app, as well as saving mobile device economy. That way you are informed without even remembering that you have orders in your name that will arrive at your home.

  • Barcode reading, no need to type.

You can copy the barcode from other apps and pass them directly to the Post Office tracking app.

  • Order Status History Sharing;
  • Notifications Customization, so that you realize what happened to your order again;
  • Notification of waiting for withdrawal of any order at an agency or distribution center.

If you have any orders to pick up, the Post Office app tells you when it will be available and shows you the best route on the map to the destination unit. You can make use of some location app such as Google Maps or Waze. If you feel better, there are cases where you can withdraw directly from the distribution center, however, depends on some specific cases.

How to use SRO Mobile App

Using the official Post Office app very simple. Once you have downloaded it, open the app and wait for it to load, remembering that SRO Mobile is available for Microsoft, Android, and iOS.

Here's how to use SRO Mobile:

  1. When you first open the app, it will prompt you to enable notifications push. If you would like to be informed each time any changes occur in the status of your orders, accept the activation;
  2. Then you can start registering tracking codes by clicking on the + symbol located at the top right of the screen;
  3. There you can enter the tracking code or allow the mobile device to read.
  4. In the main screen of the application, you will find 3 tabs: Pending, Delivered and Archived there, you will see all the codes you added, separated according to their status.

You can also send suggestions for means of the gear symbol on the upper left side of the screen. There in the configurations, there is also the activation of localization applications, all through the tracking applications, much simpler and faster than you think. See below for more information:

app to track mails

Is it worth downloading?

Yes, the official Post Office app called SRO Mobile has its usability indicated for all those who want information about how their orders are going.

App size low, not affecting mobile device performance: only about 18 MB. What makes SRO Mobile unworthy is the lack of updates from the app developer, but in general, The app has a simple and intuitive interface.

Nothing prevents you from downloading other Parcel Post tracking applications, but The tip is to use a safe and reliable program.That way, you can track your order in the way it's considered the easiest, making a list if you want to know more about your orders.