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Guitar Tuning Apps – The 7 Best to Test!

Having a tool to tune the guitar makes all the difference, after all, it helps to achieve a more accurate and professional result without much effort and in a short time. It's the right tuning that makes the sound as close to the right as it gets you to get the ideal notes of that song you want and even gives you a unique inspiration if you want to compose a song or even lyrics.

How about using apps to tune the guitar? There are options that deliver excellent results and are easy to use. Get to know the main ones here, their advantages and disadvantages, choose and download your favorites! That way, you no longer need to use tricks to tune in to just the sound in your ear, you don't need to get another guitar to compare sounds or other more complicated ways.

1 – Tuner Chords Club

Guitar Tuner

The Tuner Cifra Club is one of the most popular guitar tuning apps. It stands out from the rest by having chromatic tuners and string by string, guiding the user on what should be done to achieve the best result. It doesn't matter if a guitar or guitar, either one just needs to download it from your mobile phone and then login.

The main advantage of the application is the variety of tuners and user-specific guidance. The disadvantage is the need to purchase to access the app's exclusive functions. However, these other functions are often irrelevant for those who just want to tune the guitar.

Want to test the app when it's time to tune your guitar? So be aware that the Tuner Cifra Club is available for smartphones and tablets running iOS and Android.

2 – Beginner Guitar Tuner

The name of the self-explanatory app: The tool was really designed for those learning to play the guitar. Therefore, its streamlined operation and the app delivers high accurate.

Advantageously, the application draws attention for good usability, tunability for more than one instrument, and tuning guidelines. Already on the disadvantage list is access to a few tuners for free. If you want to use others, you will need to pay.

Interested in the app and want to download it? The Beginner Guitar Tuner is only available for iOS operating system devices (iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch), ie not available for Android.

3 – GuitarTuna

GuitarTuna was designed by guitarists and audio engineers, which indicates its high accuracy. Even so, the app is easy to use, intuitive and has many functions, such as tuners for different learning instruments and games.

But, not everything is perfect and there is a major disadvantage of the app: if your intention is to use the more than 100 tunings available in the app, among other specific functions, you need to invest in a paid plan. They start to count when you sign in.

In addition, it is available in the Portuguese language, very good for guitar beginners or stringed instruments. It is also worth remembering that you do not usually waste the battery of your smartphone.

Did you like GuitarTuna want to test it on your smartphone? The app is available for devices with iOS and Android operating systems.

4 – Tuner and Metronome

Guitar Tuner

Tuner and Metronome, which is available for devices running Android or iOS, offers different functionality in one app. It has chromatic and tuning tuner, metronome, music recorder, BPM detector, among others.

So much more than just a guitar tuner, you have a complete app that can help you learn to play more easily.

As if these advantages were not enough, the application is completely free, which makes it interesting for those who want to try guitar tuning apps. The only downside is the app ads, but you can remove them by investing in a premium plan.

5 – CF tune

The CF tune has a multiple tuner tuner, covering chromatic, instrumental music and specific instruments. Therefore, it is interesting for those looking for a complete tool that involves tuning more than one instrument, not just the guitar.

The tool also features a tone generator, metronome and features designed specifically for novice and experienced musicians. Its disadvantage is that the app is free for only two weeks. Also, it is only available for devices with iOS operating system.

It is a digital tuner that can cater to people who want temporary help, as this app has a timeout.

6 – Violo Gismart Tuner

Ideal for those looking for a simple and easy to use app. It is able to determine the deviation of strings and gives guidance to the user to correctly tune the guitar.

The app, which can be downloaded by a smartphone with Android OS, has as its disadvantage the reduced number of functions and the display of advertisements.

Guitar Tuner

7 – Pitched Tuner

Pitched Tuner was developed by musicians for beginners or already expert in guitar. Its purpose is to fine-tune the instrument as accurately and as quickly as possible, improving the user's experience.

The app has the advantages of simple, easy-to-operate controls and a clean visual, as well as instrumental and chromatic tuners, all with excellent performance. So use it in your guitar lesson so you always have your free guitar tuner app.

The disadvantage is associated with the language (the app is in English, although it is easy to use), the need to purchase to release specific features and the ads shown in the free version of Pitched Tuner, which is only available for Android.