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FlashForge Brings Guider IIs and Dreamer NX 3D Printers to Brazil

3D printing is a very promising technology, its popularization is a matter of time and the arrival of such printers here in Brazil only makes the country closer to this reality.

One of the companies known here in this segment is FlashForge, which has just announced two more printers for c, totaling 7 available in our market.

Both released printers are Guider IIs and Dreamer NX, both enhancements of other versions already available.

Check below the difference of your previous models according to the company.

Guider IIs: It has an internal camera and dust filters that are not present in the Guider II model.Dreamer NX: It has only 1 extruder nozzle and the normal Dreamer only 2.

According to FlashForge, Dreamer NX has advantages over competing models by being fully enclosed with internal filaments and simplified use with only 1 extruder, since Guider IIs meets consumer demand with some upgrades.

We will receive the company's Inventor model for review, and soon we will bring you news about this technology. The machines range from $ 2000 to about $ 10,000 depending on their use, you can check more details about the models available on the company's website.