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Buying Gadgets Abroad Just Got Easier

One of the recurring questions in the AndroidPIT Brazil community about buying gadgets overseas, especially as stores like Amazon, eBay and the like don't offer the service in the country. Until today, my answer was to ask a friend who will travel outside Brazil. Meantime, Thanks to the entrepreneurial mind of a Brazilian who tired of waiting for the arrival of a certain product here, the site Fits in the suitcase. Learn why buying smartphones and tablets abroad just got a lot easier.

THE Fits in the suitcase It is a platform where people who want a particular product from somewhere get in touch with people with scheduled travel and who are open bring the order. Registration on the free site and the payment method is PayPal. The site charges 10% for the service fee and the traveling user receives a commission already added to the final value of the product.

The idea came up two years ago, but the product has been consolidated just now. According to Marcela Kashiwagi, CEO of startup Fits in the suitcase, the platform went live on January 9 and is already piling orders:

It started on Wednesday and already has 500 users. Next week we'll list everything for people started talking and negotiating.

Here are some of the benefits of using the Cabe na Mala platform to buy out-of-country gadgets:

  • Safety: If the delivery is not successful, the traveler will not receive the money. Therefore, you do not risk losing the money invested.
  • Çomodity: The community unites people who want some product from another region with travelers. Therefore, it makes life easier for users.
  • Money: How about paying for your trip by bringing products from abroad to other people?

The interesting thing about all this is to realize the great demand of this product import market, because of the two, either the product is not foreseen for sale in the country or, when it reaches the national territory, it adds exorbitant rates to the original value and is accessible to a portion. very small society. As long as we have no new policies in this regard, we will be giving our way of bringing what fits in the suitcase from abroad, even if what is purchased is not for personal use.

And what did you think of this initiative? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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Image: Fits in the Suitcase

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