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Apple TV + is released; Video streaming service costs $ 9.90 per month

After years of speculation, confirmation and general news about Ma's endeavor in the audiovisual world, finally the Apple TV + It is now available in over 100 countries!

As we reported, the service of streaming Giant Cupertino's video album includes only original productions ranging from comedy to thriller / horror series, through drama and documentaries.

Apple TV + on iGadgets


If you purchased an Apple product (iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Apple TV, or Mac) after September 10, you can enjoy a year of Apple TV + subscription starting today; to activate the offer just follow our tutorial, remembering that only new devices are eligible.

In addition, all Apple TV + programming is free of advertising and does not require a special subscription so that you can access the content in high quality there is only one subscription option, which costs $ 9.90 per month or R $ 99,90 per year, and gives you access to everything (and all members of your Family Share!).


Apple has invested heavily in the original productions for its platform, and it is now possible to check the result now. There are nine titles currently available on Apple TV +:

Ma also releases a new content every month, with an extensive list of news awaiting the following confirmed:

The following series / movies are still under development and should take a little longer to release:

Besides the aforementioned productions, Ma still has some other projects that can be developed soon so there is not much information about them yet: Prehistoric Planet, ?You Think It, Ill Say It?, ?My Glory Was I Had Such Friends? and much more.


All Apple TV + series will of course be available on Full hd (1080p) and 4K HDRand some titles will even include the Dolby Vision and Atmos specification on compatible devices.

In addition, it will be possible to follow the original Apple TV + productions dubbed / subtitled in almost 40 languages, including eight language audio descriptions and all include Portuguese. As we reported, not the entire catalog of the service makes everything available in our language, but the vast majority of titles do.

How to watch

The entire Apple TV + content can be accessed and assisted by devices such as iPhones, iPods touch, iPads, Apple TVs and Macsusing the Apple TV app which is already available on other third-party devices like Smart TVs from Samsungbeyond devices Roku and in Amazon Fire TV Stick.

In addition, subscribers can watch Apple TV + series and movies on virtually any browser via the web. Remember, however, that the service will have limitations on content download and streaming Simultaneous, that is, it will be possible to download that series you liked to watch offline, but not on all your devices (if you have several).

What's next for?

As we said, Apple TV + productions vary widely, and the company already has numerous cards up its sleeve for months to come. In this sense, the heads of the service, Zac van Amburg and Jamie erlicht, said Ma's investment in the platform is "just starting," with an even larger number of original productions to be announced in 2020, as reported by Variety.

Thinking beyond the work that has already been done for at least two years, Erlicht said that he considers today as the ?starting point? for a long journey. Despite the reaction of expert criticism to the early productions, the executive stated that "nothing changes the guiding principles of Apple TV +":

There is no data that can in any way alter the course we take. What excites me most that the world sees what we are doing. And they (the subscribers) will experience an interface that changes the way people watch videos. It is a real experience.

In fact, those who evaluate the experience are the users, so what do you think about this Apple TV + debut? Enjoy the weekend to ?marathon? Ma's original productions and tell us about your experiences!