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Apple may launch its video streaming service in the first half of 2019

According to a report from The Information Apple is planning to launch its streaming video by April 2019. The service would be low cost, competing directly with the Netflix (which has recently received a price increase in the US) and Amazon Prime Video.

Rumors about Apple's service have been around for some time, but so far it seemed it would never materialize. During the CES 2019 some Smart TVs announced that they would have access to Air play and to Home Kit, which expands access to Apple applications on televisions. It would make sense for the company to launch its own streaming service along with the TVs.

THE Apple tv could restrict the audiovisual content available from Apple, that is, it would only be possible to access the videos on the company's own device. This already happens today, the Chromecast don't have access to Amazon Prime Video, but only the Fire Stick TV.


As streaming subscriptions grow, cable TV loses users, IBGE points out

Apple has signed contracts with a number of content creators already recognized in the film and series market to begin production of exclusive audiovisual content, besides those who have already been televised. This could indicate that the streamings may be fragmented, to have access to the original content you need to subscribe to more than one service.

About the values, nothing is confirmed yet, besides that in each country the price changes, taking into account the values ??charged by the competitors. Something that can happen is that the plan will be advertised at a price well below competitors, because the catalog may have fewer varieties, and the price will increase considerably over time.

For example, Netflix currently costs in the US $ 10.99 (in its most basic plan), in direct conversion to the current currency quotation, would be about R $ 40.51Nevertheless the same plan in Brazil costs R $ 19.90. This also happens with the other services offered by Apple, the value set taking into account competition in the local market and not direct conversion.

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