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What Gorilla Glass? Know what each generation offers

Article updated on 11/04/2019

Smartphones are far from toys, we carry diaries, professional contacts and personal information on them. As I said in the article on IP67 and IP68 certifications, all protection for our beloved devices is welcome, but we need to know what each type of protection means before investing in them, and in this article we will talk about screens with protection. Gorilla Glass.

What ?

Gorilla Glass a much sturdier, thinner and malevel glass what ordinary glasses. It is mainly used in electronic devices and its popularization began in smartphones.


The handset comes with 1000 nit screen and focus on artificial intelligence features

This is not a guarantee that your screen will never break, the truth that Gorilla Glass protects against scratches and pressures against the smartphone, but a simple fall can rather crack the screen of your smartphone. Not even the latest generation guarantees that your screen will not break in any way, a very valuable protection and lessens the chances of rendering the display unusable.

How done?

Gorilla Glass's maker, Corning, was able to stand out in the market when it discovered how to make highly resistant and thin glass for use in smartphones. THE creation process their glass is similar to that of ordinary glass, its major difference is in a compound of aluminum, silicon and oxygen, the alkali aluminosilicate. This mixture of elements not found in nature, its creation has to be done in the laboratory.

Gorilla Glass differential is in a component called alkali aluminosilicate

Gorilla Glass's creation process requires a compression of toms and the alkali aluminosilicate It allows more volumes to be compressed into a smaller space, leaving the material rigid even at the thickness of a hair.

To date there are 5 generations of Gorilla Glass, and Gorilla Glass 5 is at least 5 times stronger than the first Gorilla Glass released in 2006.

Gorilla Glass 1

The first generation was marked by a partnership between Corning and Apple. Apple's company ordered a 1.3mm thick glass that was oleophobic, creating a fingerprint protection for the first iPhone. Recall the release of the first iPhone below.

Gorilla Glass 2

It was launched in 2012 and 20% thinner than the first, a significant reduction so that manufacturers of the time could reduce the size of smartphones. The thickness also allowed more sensitivity on the touch screen while maintaining the strength of the previous model. Examples: Samsung Galaxy S3, LG Optimus G, Nexus 4.

Gorilla Glass 3

Its launch took place at CES 2013 and brought significant improvements. In addition to being up to 3 times more resistant to cracking than the previous generation, Corning worked to lower the sensitivity of glass scratches with a technology it calls Native Damage Resistance. Examples: Moto G, Moto X, Galaxy S4.

Gorilla Glass 4

This generation of 2014, with Gorilla Glass very popular and present at the top of the line. For the fourth verse, the scientists did not change attributes such as thickness or durability, but instead invested all their efforts in letting the resistant glass fall.

Corning conducted market research and found that 70% of damage to smartphones they happened by falls about 1 meter high. This is roughly the distance from the floor to our pocket or a table, for example.

After several tests and improvements, it was found that the new Gorilla Glass Withstood 80% of Falls when we usually use smartphones.

Examples: Samsung Galaxy S7, ASUS Zenfone Max, Microsoft Lumia 950 XL.

Gorilla Glass 5

The difference from this generation to the previous is the supported height that went from 1 to 1.6 meters. The screen is still breakable, but survives 80% of the time at heights up to 1.6 meters. Example: Samsung Galaxy S9, Samsung Galaxy S9 +, LGV30, LG V30S ThinQ, OnePlus5, Xperia XZ1. At this link you can see the full list of devices with Gorilla Glass 5.

Gorilla Glass 6

Company Announces Gorilla Glass 6 Offers Double Protection from Gorilla Glass 5

Corning has not specified how high this generation can handle, but has reported that in its tests the screen has survived 15 consecutive 1 meter drops and claims to be twice as tough as the previous generation.

Since it was announced in the middle of July 2018, we still have no examples of such devices in the market, but probably the first models equipped with the screen should be the high-performance ones. At this link you can see the description of Gorilla Glass 6 on Corning's official website.

Gorilla Glass 7?

Until the last time this article was updated, in April 2019, the latest protection Gorilla Glass 6, as soon as we know more about the technology, we come back here to make the change.

Got Gorilla Glass?

Despite the protections, many broke the screen in the first fall of the smartphone questioning the real benefit of this protection technology.

If you want to know if your device has Gorilla Glass, you can go to the Corning website that has the complete list of products by device name or the other by brand.

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