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We reached 7 digits: AndroidPIT the largest Android community

THE AndroidPIT was founded in January 2009, with its first posts in german. The page in Portuguese began in November 2011. In May 2009, in a small office in Berlin, we wonder when we will reach the 400 members? Now we can say that we are 1 corn.

In May 2009, the number of members registered on AndroidPIT was 398 and we had to wait 26 hours for 2 new members to register. Now we don't have to wait so long because our Android community is growing at a phenomenal rate. AndroidPIT is now available in 6 languages:

German – 545,390 members

English – 355,974 members

Spanish – 74,521 members

Portugus – 52,810 members

Francs – 32,659 members

Russian – 28,555 members

When does the page in Portuguese have 100,000 members? For now, we want to congratulate our member 1 million, who unfortunately does not speak Portuguese, but German:

Thomas Geb

As a thank you we will offer you 100 to spend on the AndroidPIT App Center. We expect to double the number of members later this year and reach 4 million members in 2013.