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Travel Apps: Tokyo! | AndroidPIT

We already went to New York, we went to Paris and we went to Barcelona. And this time we decided to go to our first Asian destination, Tokyo It is the capital of Japan, sushi and sumo wrestlers. Let yourself be enchanted by the scenery of one of the world's most populous cities, indulge in delicious ramen and increase your manga magazine stock. be sure to take these apps with you on your smartphone or tablet.

Tokyo Fashion

The Japanese They are known for their eccentric taste in terms of fashion. Before packing for Tokyo, good idea to know a little more about the hipster look Japonswhich can range from wearing a piece of Santa's wardrobe to using a trash bag. Feel free to wear colorful clothes and different styles with the help of Tokyo Fashion your guide to let you know what's hot with the youth of the capital of Japan.

Beer in Japan

You may not know it yet, but Japan is certainly a country where you drink a lot beer. And because of that, it is essential that you get to know a little more about the best Japanese beers with the help of Beer in Japan, an app that serves as a detailed guide to let you know the best small breweries in Japan for only $ 3.65 or 1.50. In addition to showing you the way to Best Tokyo Bars, the app will also help you to save money, offering you exclusive discounts in certain places.

Japan life

We all know it's a terrible clich, but we can't go to Japan and not to notice your numerous cartoons, video games, Hello Kitty and your dear little virtual dolls. Knowing this in advance, a trip to Tokyo Don't be complete without an app / game to thrill you on the trip. THE Japan life It's a game with several little virtual dolls that will get you ready for the non colors of Japanese capital. Pick a doll and get ready to manage your own tourist attraction Japanese. This game is a kind of SimCity, and takes place in a fictional place, Japons it is wonderful. THE Japan life It may have little to do with the real life of the rising sun country, but it will no doubt keep you entertained during your trip.

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