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Remix OS – Android for computers is discontinued

Bad news for people who liked the proposed Remix OS, an Android-based operating system that brought a user-friendly interface to use on traditional computers, as well as a modified Linux kernel to make Android compatible with x86 architecture processors. The system has been declared as discontinued by the developers.

RemixOS discontinued

Remix OS was not the only proposal of its kind, but by my conception it was one of the most interesting and best finished.

I even made a video about it, so you can know how Remix OS works (or worked):

Jide Technology is the company responsible for creating Remix OS, it is a Chinese company founded by former Google engineers. Remix OS even came pre-installed on some devices, but it has never been a big hit, however, the company that maintains it has not gone broke, or anything like that, like Canonical, that stopped Unity development to focus on other marketsJide is also focusing on a different market now and setting aside system development.

Jide has several Remix OS-related projects, from mini-computers, to a Microsoft Surface-competing Tablet that came with the system by default. Recently the company had campaigned on KickStarter to create a product that would be a kind of "Android console" with 4K resolution support, according to the company, the 600,000 raised in the project will be returned to employees.

Remix OS is a project based on Android x86 and it still operates normally, but does not have this interface Remix OS, for those looking for something like this, an alternative would be Phoenix OSIt's a Chinese project too, just like Remix OS. It would be good for the Remix OS interface to be made available for installation as a Launcher any, so we can replicate the functionality on other devices, in?

All Remix OS related producers will be discontinued and support for already sold will also be terminated. The company will focus on the corporate market, so corporations using the operating system can still maintain payment support, as they always have.

See you next time!

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