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Play your favorite songs in dynamic playlists with the Next app.

THE Apple music offers some options of playlists These are custom updates that are periodically updated for each user, which include your favorite music, discoveries, and recommendations you might like. However, imagine if there was a way (or rather an app) capable of further expanding the customization of your playlists? It exists, and it's called Next!

The app is a creation of Sorcererhat startup Brazilian app development company. With it, the user can hear several playlists dynamics created based on your playback of Apple Music ie they are also updated as you listen. All of this is offered in a simple, intuitive design app that closely resembles Apple's own Music.

Playing playlists on Next

When you open the application for the first time, Next prompts you to access your Apple Music music library and, upon review, generates multiple playlists, each with its own purpose.

Magic dj
  • Magic dj: play a mix of all the songs added to your library.
  • Recently Added: rene the last 25 songs added to your library.
  • The 25 most played: unlike playlist Apple Music's ?Mix: Favorites?, Next's option renders the songs with the highest number of plays in its library, not necessarily the ones that are in the pipeline.
  • Forgotten Songs: A collection of songs that have already been among your favorites, but you haven't listened for some time.
  • Never reproduced: playlists It's pretty cool with the songs that, of course, you never heard (but added your library for some reason).
Forgotten Songs

In addition to playlists Above, the service also defines new playlists based on specific artists and music genres if you want to hear something more stylish.

Dynamic Playlists

Next also supports AirPlay, allowing you to play back playlists on your Apple TV and HomePod. To take full advantage of the app, however, you must have a device running iOS 13 and an active Apple Music subscription (or a music library stored in the Music app).

Your only downside may be the price: $ 19 on the App Store. Fair enough, but a little out of the expected average for an app of its kind.

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