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Opera will launch browser focused on games for macOS; Opera Mini is taken from the App Store

THE Opera announced last June a new browser aimed at the computer-savvy public: Opera GX. Unlike its best-known platform, this version allows users to control browser consumption and performance, making both gameplay and navigation more fluid. Today, the company announced that the novelty also get to macOS.

As per the company specification, GX is a ?specially tuned version of Opera browser? with new features and design designed for gamers. The software offers a built-in manager called GX Control, which allows you to define how much CPU and RAM the browser uses.

According to Opera, this feature was introduced since running a game can take a lot of machine (only gamers know), and many players prefer to do something else ie users either play or surf the web. Thanks to GX Control, however, they can do both.

Opera GX on Mac

The browser was thought from its design to its performance for the gaming environment; Thus, the UI itself (such as wallpapers, colors and animations) and the sound effects of the impression that you are playing instead of browsing the web. More than that, Opera GX includes all the features present in the company's standard browser as support for Telegram, Whatsapp, Facebook and Vkontakte It also includes integration with the Twitch.

THE Speed ??dial Opera GX is also different from what users are used to; it will include shortcuts from popular websites like gamers like Discord, YouTube and Reddit.

To try out the new Opera GX, macOS users must sign in before the day. November 19th; After the end of the registration, each user will receive the test build to try it out during the final beta phase of the browser, which will be officially released later this year.

Bye, Opera Mini; Hello, Opera Touch!

Opera also reported that Opera Mini has been duly withdrawn from the App Store, as the company intends to focus its efforts on Opera touch. Who downloaded Opera Mini can still use it for some time, but the company recommends the exchange.

It is good to note that we are talking about a strategy specific to the iOS platform; In the Android world, everything remains as it is.

According to the company, when migrating to Opera Touch, the user earns a new, modern and lightweight browser that combines cutting-edge technology with a beautiful look. 2019.

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