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MyBackup Pro | AndroidPIT

Losing the phone is not pleasant. And not only for the phone itself, but also for all the data stored in it that is lost. From the beginning is an undesirable process of asking your friends' phone number. Apart from that you lose photos, music and everything else you loved so much on your phone. Today we want to talk a little about MyBackup Pro. It is an application that takes care of your data, making a possible loss or theft of the phone is not so dramatic.

Functions & Usage

MyBackup Pro makes a complete backup of your phone and private data from the following options:

  • Backup of personal data
  • Application Backup
  • Safety Manual Copy
  • Backup with time option
  • Backup to SD Card
  • Remote backup over the Internet with remote server
  • SD Card Backup or Remote Copy Playback
  • View and delete backup copy data
  • Maintain secure access through UserID and password

Rooted users also have access to MyToolbox functions:

  • Clear application cache
  • Clear app data
  • Uninstall apps
  • Break the link between Android Market and apps
  • Link apps to Android Market
  • Force app close


MyBackup Pro is designed to minimize the "pain" of losing or stealing your phone. The backup copies are all programmed, which means that they are automatically executed in the background. The good thing is that you don't have to worry all the time about having to make backup copies.

You can choose to make backup copies of just your contacts or even the torpedoes you receive, for example. In addition, you can control which files and data can be shared with third parties.

Screen & Controls

MyBackup Pro has an "old school" design. Some say your looks are not the prettiest, but we don't think it matters so much for an app whose job is to make sure you don't lose your data. Not to mention that the app runs in the background and is quite easy to use. The controls are all pretty intuitive.

Speed ??& Stability

MyBackup Pro worked well throughout the time we tested it. Controls ran quickly and all screens loaded equally fast. Even the remote data copy we made didn't take time, but it always depends on how much data you want to transfer.

Price / Performance Ratio

This week MyBackup Pro is on sale as the app of the week. Your price: EUR1,99. It sounds like a lot of money, but having a backup of your data certainly costs a lot more. So it's worth it.