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[Jogos] Max Payne finally get released for Android

Max Payne is honestly one of the top 10 games we have ever played, and our team has played A LOT of them. The selection of games for Android phones and tablets seems to be getting bigger and better over time and we are delighted to find today that the Max Payne get released for Android (and iOS) at the end of this month.

TIMAS NEWS … Max Payne 3 will be released for consoles later this year. The Android and iOS version of the game is slightly different from what we are used to on consoles. Rockstar Games (developer of the game) said the launch on the Google Play Store will take place on April 26. We still have no confirmation of which Android devices will support the game, but Rockstar Games has commented that it will release more information in the coming months. We can't wait to play Max Payne on our tablets and we are hoping the Android game will be as good as the console game.

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