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Gmail Labs wins internal search engine

Currently counting on 56 features, the Gmail Labs It's an amusement park for Google's email service enthusiasts. Here, users can find everything from simple functions, which only modify where subscriptions are inserted, to more interesting functions, such as allowing you to manually update the Mail Fetcher, as well as the excellent feature that allows you to unsubscribe from an email. email within 30 seconds of sending it.

With so many features, it's not easy to find exactly what you want. In my case, I always made use of Ctrl + F Chrome to be able to find the feature I wanted, but obviously not the most practical thing. To make life even easier for users, the Gmail team has added an internal search engine in Gmail Labs.

Now when accessing Gmail Labs (Settings -> Labs), users have a search box through which they can search for the desired features. As you begin typing, the search appliance instantly filters features by the term you enter, regardless of whether the word or expression is in the title or description of the function.

The news is available to all Gmail and Google Apps users. 🙂