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ES File Explorer File Manager – Functions, How to Download, How to Use, Advantages and Disadvantages

ES File Explorer File Manager is a file manager application available for devices (smartphones and tablets) with Android operating system.

It is one of the most complete file managers on the market because it offers different functionality, takes up little space and runs well, without gagging or leaving the user helpless.

Still don't know ES File Explorer File Manager and want to know if it meets your needs? So check out this complete guide we have prepared about the app!

ES File Explorer File Manager Features

es file explorer interface

ES File Explorer File Manager differs from other file manager apps in that it offers many features, allowing the user to have a better experience. Here are the main ones:

File Management

This is the main function of the application, being possible to install and verify files with ease and total practicality. In-app also gives you to cut, copy, paste, move, create, delete, rename, share, send and hide files.

Multimedia Explorer

This feature allows the user to search and quickly access and view text / document files as well as images, music and videos.

Cloud storage

The app supports cloud storage features like Dropbox, Google Drive,, Sugarsync, OneDrive, Amazon S3, Yandex, and more.

Device integration

Integration between different devices (Android and network connected computer) is one of the key features and advantages of ES File Explorer File Manager, because it allows for fast file updating and remote management.

Application Management

In this role, the user can classify, uninstall and back up applications from the device, as well as create shortcuts to such tools, ensuring quick access to them.

RAR and ZIP support

This feature enables the compression and decompression of ZIP format files, as well as RAR archive decompression and encrypted ZIP creation.

FTP and WebDAV Client

Allows the user to manage files via FTP, SFTP, FTPS and WebDAV servers as it manages its files on the smartphone's SD card and other devices.

Bluetooth management

ES File Explorer File Manager has OBEX FTP support, which performs device searches and transfers files via Bluetooth, making it easy for users to manage.

File Management Facilitator Widget

The app provides a simple widget that sits on the device's home screen and lets the user know the RAM situation, finish tasks, and select applications and files they want to keep running.

Root explorer

Specific tool for root users, this option provides full access to the file system, data directory and allows for permission changes.

File Recovery

The ES File Explorer File Manager Recycle Bin keeps data temporarily after deletion, which enables file recovery if the user regrets the deletion.

App customization

ES File Explorer can be customized and configured by the user as desired, customizing buttons on the home screen, backup, passwords, file cleanup, and more.

How to use ES File Explorer File Manager?

The application has uncomplicated use because it relates to other software installed on the device. es file explorer interfaceSo just open ES File Explorer File Manager and manage the files by placing them in folders / directories.

It is also possible to play the files through the application, search different media formats in the app, among others, using the main menu which is easily accessed when opening ES File Explorer.

If you are interested, use the settings menu to change the way you view folders and files, and you can leave them in medium icons, list format or folder. You can also change the app's background to suit your profile.

How to download?

The app can be downloaded from PlayStore by simply opening the Google app store on your device, searching and downloading the free tool. Make sure you have a good quality internet connection to speed up the process.

Advantages of ES File Explorer File Manager

  • Free file manager for Android;
  • Layout and customizable interface;
  • Fast and easy access to files and applications;
  • Stable performance and reduced memory consumption.

Disadvantages of ES File Explorer File Manager

  • Many features, which can confuse the user at first and discourage the use of the app. However, the problem is circumvented by customizing the layout and interface of the application.