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Download Temple Run for Android is now available on Google Play

THE Temple run Android is finally available for download. We were looking forward to the arrival of the Temple run at Google PlayBut we don't have to wait any longer. The game has been downloaded over 40 million times on Apple's operating system, and this number is expected to double now that it can now be used for Android.

Playing the Temple Run for AndroidYou have to slide, run and jump all over the place, doing your best to dodge the various obstacles. Don't forget to pick up all the coins you find along the way so you can buy upgrades that are available throughout the game. Temple run It's a very simple game that makes us have a beating heart all the time. At the same time, the curves of Temple run They are in 3D, along with the blades, jumps, slopes, etc. The graphics in the game are first rate. You also have a choice of seven characters for your adventure and the game offers you a thousand opportunities to continue playing without becoming repetitive. You can have an idea how the game is in action by watching the following video: