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YoutubeKids – The Safe and Free Video App for Kids

Technology is increasingly present in everyday life and also in the lives of children. Not infrequently finding the little ones entertained with their parents' cell phones in their kitchens, this makes the care of the contents of the devices redoubled.

However, even taking care not to have anything improper in your smartphone, the Internet is full of things unsuitable for the little ones. To keep entertaining kids safe, choose some apps for your child audience. YoutubeKids is a great option, as well as free insurance!

Get to know the Video app for kids! Here's how the YouTube kids app works, how can Android download if you need a Google account, which can also be done to enhance a user experience, even more so when kids are at it.

YoutubeKids What?

YoutubeKids - The Safe and Free Kids Video App

One of your favorite hobbies is watching YouTube channels and even watching your favorite cartoons. The problem is that, due to some word used by them or in an inappropriate advertisement, may expose them to inappropriate content.

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With Youtube Kids you can rest easy! Your child only watches educational videos and drawings made for his age. The app is very similar to traditional Youtube, but the Kids version only has material geared towards the kids – this ensures that little ones will not have access to videos aimed at the adult audience.

The videos available on the App are divided into four categories:

  1. Series;
  2. Music;
  3. Learn;
  4. To explore.

In addition to the appropriate content, the app also has a timer. This function issues a warning informing the child that it is time to close the application. This is great for parents who allow their children to use moderate technology.

In principle, Youtube Kids is available for Android 4.1 or higher, and also for iOS. It is recommended for children up to 10 years old and completely free, including upgrades. It also works on tablets and television, in case of a Smart TV and / or using Apple TV or Chromecast.

The very intuitive application interface, perfect for children. It also works simply by simply touching the icons on the screen. However, it is a large application that takes up much of the device's memory (at least 51.42MB).

YoutubeKids Benefits

The biggest benefit of the app is the control parents have over what their children are watching. Like YouTubeKids aimed at children, videos are appropriate for children.

There is the option of custom application configuration, available to parents only. Here you can indicate the age of the child and analyze the most appropriate type of video. You can choose from three types of audience:

  • Preschool;
  • School age;
  • All the children.

Parents can also set the timer time. When the parent's predetermined time runs out, the app notifies the child that it is time to close it. If you don't want your child to find a certain content, just set up the searches.

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How intuitive, simple to use for little ones: Video searches can be done by typing normally or by voice. The buttons are large and replace much of the text.

Some parents totally restrict their children's use of technology. But apps like YoutubeKids help with cognitive development, especially when videos are educational and teach kids good things. However, its use should also be monitored by an adult and should not be used for many hours at a time.

Is YoutubeKids totally safe?

YoutubeKids - The Safe and Free Kids Video App

No, despite all the filters and care, like everyone else I need an adult's accompaniment to tell if the video is appropriate or not.

There are some cases of pirate channels that pass for a childish design, when in fact their content is not appropriate for the little ones. This happens, for example, with some episodes of PeppaPig, Minnios or any other.

At first, the design seems normal, but as the story unfolds, it proves to be inappropriate, with violent content, such as the use of narcotics or even the use of low-key words. Therefore, the use of any application needs the wisdom and monitoring of an adult.