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Google search shows pornography by relating women and education | Lanadores and Searchers

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Apparently, the display of pornographic results is not only related to black women, but also to the association between traditionally fetishized female profiles and the word "giving", which acquires sexual connotation. A fact that draws attention that searches for "white woman teaching" or just "woman teaching" do not return pornographic results. THE TechTudo He contacted Google's press office in Brazil, who explained that Google is investigating the issue and does not intend to show explicit content to users. The complete positioning of the company is at the end of the text.

Google search returns explicit sex images Photo: Playback / GoogleGoogle search returns explicit sex images Photo: Playback / Google

Google search returns explicit sex images Photo: Playback / Google

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TechTudo tested and found that searches for images of black / blonde / redhead / Japanese women in the classroom show porn on both PC and mobile. This, however, was not the first policy starring the seeker. Just days before the discovery of the relationship between the term "black women teaching" and sexually explicit photos, users noticed that the dictionary used by Google brought the definition prostitute with whom teens begin their sex life as one of the meanings for the word teacher. . In this case, the error occurred on account of a dictionary partner, who apologized and removed the content from the air.

Google explained to TechTudo that it is investigating the situation and clarified that it does not intend to show explicit content in search results. In addition, the company stresses that it does not produce content and only indexes what is already available on the Internet. In the case of searching for images, when a photo appears related to a text, it ends up gaining relevance in the searcher if any one searches exactly for that text.

A tip to filter results and avoid sexually explicit content in search results is to use SafeSearch. The tool must be enabled by the user to prevent the display of women-related content in pornographic scenes while browsing images, videos and websites, as anyone can be impacted by the pictures.

Check below the Google positioning in full. As the similar situation had already been reported, the opinion of the company was the same sent to TechTudo last Sunday (27).

When people use Search, we want to provide results relevant to search terms, and we don't intend to show users explicit results unless they're looking for it. Clearly, the result set for the term mentioned is at the time of this principle and we apologize. We are investigating the problem and, as always, we will look for a solution to improve results not only for this term, but also for other research that may present similar challenges.

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