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Fortnite: Battle Royale, coming to Android very soon

Epic Games, the company behind Fortnite is finally working on an Android version of the game after its success with launching on iOS devices. The company's first mentions for the final release of the Android version of the game, Google's Linux-based operating system, said it could be ready by this summer without explicitly talking about a date. The great news for game geeks is that data miners in Fortnite Tracker have found .ini files in the latest game update, which are directly connected to an Android version of Fortnite: Android_Engine, Android_Game, and Android_RuntimeOptions.

Why is Fortnite available on Android a good news?

What makes the big difference in launching Fortnite for Android is that it turns into one of the few cross-platform games out there that use the same user account, same servers, same game information and status as changing one device or operating system to another.

Examples of these platforms can be seen with Netflix, where users can start watching a movie on their tablet, and keep seeing exactly where they left on their Smart TV. Betway Casino is another example of this approach, as its users may be playing on their laptops at home and then using the same account information to continue games like Blackjack or Roulette on their smartphones. In the music context, Spotify offers the same ease of listening to music on an iPhone and continuing to play music on another device, such as a Linux computer, when an application login is detected. By becoming cross-platform, Fortnite: Battle Royale joins a handful of such video games, such as Blizzard Entertainment's Hearthstone, Mojang's famous Minecraft, and Psyonix's Rocket League.

Still missing the desktop version of Linux? Missing, but who knows, no? At least one of Linux will get the postage.


Why did Epic Games choose this summer as the ideal release?

The company has joined forces with Chinese giant Tencent to launch a Windows version of the game for the Chinese market, with China being the country with the largest number of smartphone users by a very large difference (775 million versus 386 million). India), the Android version of Fortnite can be a very lucrative resource for Epic Games and Tencent. The computer game was launched in China a few days ago, and although it will attract the attention of PC gamers in the far east of the world this week, the Android version may be just what the game needs to take off in China, which one of the largest Android and Linux markets in the world.

After its release, Fortnite will still have to compete with PUBG's PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, which is one of the few games that Chinese players already favor, and also has the cross-platform capability that allows its players to switch between Android, iOS, Xbox One and Windows.

A Beta j has been made available for some Samsung devices, which means we will soon have news.

Google pioneered cross-platform

One of Google's top strategies is to give users the ease of using the same account and easily keep working or having fun on different devices, with Gmail, Google Drive or Google Docs itself trying to replace Microsoft Office, as examples of how Google worked on online integration. The principle behind this technology is to constantly update user changes or work online so that all of this information is always up to date using an Internet connection. The clearest example of this effort is Google's launch of its Chromebooks and its Chrome OS operating system, made by different computer manufacturers to reduce hardware costs and base their use and storage space on the Internet. Multiplataform

Using the same account details on multiple devices to seamlessly transition and offer the same experience requires very difficult efforts on the part of developers, and a very pleasant task when the end result is as uniform as in the previous examples.

What about, will you play Fortnite on Android?


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