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Dark Mode arrives in Google Chrome for Android

Many use the smartphone at night, and something that bothers the combination of light themes + light off, it seems that Google is aware of this problem and is developing its night mode.

Recently Google made available some themes for your browser Google Chrome, the news was only for the desktop version, but rumors indicate that the Mountain View giant is working in a night mode for the desktop, not only conventional PCs will gain the feature, also contemplating its mobile version. dark-mode-google-chrome-android-app

THE Google Chrome Android dark mode It has not been released yet, but through its canary version, we can get a brief notion of how it is getting, and to check the result of this very simple option.

Checking the dark mode of Google Chrome Android

The latest browser version Google Chrome Canary for Android timidly implemented dark mode, but to enable it will need to enable some flags, because it is an experimental feature, Google does not use it active by default, however, only a matter of time for the feature to mature and come back stable browser.

Search Google Play per google chrome canary and install the App, keep in mind that an unstable version of the browser, and any errors can happen app. dark-mode-google-chrome-android-app-canary-install

After downloading and installing the app, open it and in the search bar and type the following flag:

chrome: // flags


This allows access to the hidden functions of the application, now in the search field type:

# enable-android-web-contents-dark-mode


Click on the option, change the flag that by default comes as Default, which currently disables the function, to Enabled, click in Relaunch Now and wait for the application to restart.


With dark mode on, the pages change their color from white to black, particularly I felt that the color was too strong, maybe a dark hue without necessarily massive black becomes more attractive, however, notice that something experimental and when it is implemented In the end-user version, Google's design and development team polishes this feature along with its look.


And what do you think of dark ways in applications? In my daily life I always use this feature.

Would you like a dark mode in Chrome? Or maybe another browser like Firefox?

See you in the next post, here on the blog Diolinux, I wait for you, SYSTEMATICALLY!

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