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Book Reading Apps

Book-reading apps are already a sensation among the young, and even the hardiest ones who love paper issues, already surrender to these technological innovations. We'll introduce you to the top mobile apps, and other versions.

Everyone knows the importance of reading. Who wants to broaden the vocabulary, get information on various subjects, or simply have fun, reading the best channel. But does using a valid application?

Online Reading

Yes. We have to remember that content is the most important. As the saying goes there is no use judging the book by its cover. The ebook is a product that has even made reading more democratic. Cheaper than the paper book, the digital version for many works is sometimes free.

For those who drop the phone can choose between efficient applications for reading. Many have large libraries, and users will have access to renowned authors. Check out the main ones below.

Google Play Books

This exclusive version is already installed on Android smartphones. However, iPad users can download the app. Google Play Books offers free and paid works.

Among the free editions offered in this app, many are in Portuguese. Can read PDF and ePUB files. Using the app you can request translations, use the highlighter, make notes and perform a search.


IBooks is on the list of book-reading applications unique to the IOS system. It offers the service subscriber millions of titles in multiple languages. The highlight is the possibility of interaction with social networks, and the function of reading in darker environments.


Be able to read books in the extensive PDF and ePUB. And to make reading more fun, there are 3 types of background colors to choose from.


Perhaps best known among book-reading applications, Kindle has the largest catalog in the ebook segment. The app can be downloaded on Android or iOS, and offer digital books with varying prices.

Kindle highlights the e-reader's main functions, from brightness control to reading in any environment to online dictionaries that will explain the meaning of words.

Moon + Reader

Only for Android smartphones. This app stands out for its graphical variation of its interface. Not linked to any specific store that sells ebooks. However, it can read several file extensions.

Moon + Reader also has the most versatile options such as dictionary and translation queries.


one of Kindle's main competitors. This book reader app is available for Android and iOS, and is linked to Livraria Cultura's eBook distribution. This interesting partnership for users who want to read the main releases or exclusive products of the bookstore.


Kobo has the main features of a good e-reader, such as brightness control, dictionary access, font change, etc.


Among the traditional book reading applications is Aldiko. Using only on Android devices, this software is a great library organizer, and is interesting for readers looking for more technical content from other countries.

With Aldiko the user uses highlighter, dictionaries and can lend books. The downside is that the app only partners with bookstores that provide books in English.


Reading app developed by another major Brazilian bookstore: Saraiva. It competes directly with Kobo and Kindle, and so has very similar functions. Book purchases can be made on the web, or directly in the app.

The user has the good collection of the bookstore, and still have access to many free titles.

The e-readers

We have seen that some of the companies offer book reading applications, but also sell e-readers, which are e-book-specific readers.

Saraiva, Amazon and Cultura respectively offer Lev, Kindle and Kobo. They are a good way to read the unique content of each brand. Unlike mobile phones, they have technologies that make reading ebooks very enjoyable.

And those who download the app on their mobile phone can use the same account to download the books in the e-reader. To know each one of them, it is worth visiting the website of its producers. Now s decide between the best book reading apps and have fun.