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Approval of new Mac Pro indicates that it will be released very soon

Guys, it seems that waiting for those who have about $ 50,000 left in the wallet, this is ending: as seen by MacRumors, Apple today received from United States Federal Communications Commission (Federal Communications Commission, or FCC) the approval of the new Mac Pro.

According to the document indicating approval, Apple applied for the process the day before yesterday (28/10) and has already had the approval issued today. With that, we can conclude that Ma is in the final stages of preparation for the launch of her new professional machine so far, the new Mac Pro page on Apple's website still says ?Coming Soon? as expected arrival, but we will surely know more about this over the next few days or weeks.

On the other hand, there is no news of Pro Display XDR, which will surely be launched next to the new Mac Pro. If the logic is confirmed, the monitor is probably in the process of approval by the FCC and should have this approval issued in the coming days, paving the way for the pair to make their triumphant debut on the shelves of the. world.

US production

The old Mac Pro (trash can) was made in the US, and when Apple announced the new machine, everyone thought it would go the same way. But apparently Apple had its reasons for trying to manufacture the new desktop in China.

Shortly thereafter, however, the company itself confirmed that the Mac Pro would even be made in the US, eliminating any doubt. Now, documents found in the machine approval show the following:

If there was any doubt that Apple originally intended to build the new Mac Pro in China (before moving to Texas), the label that Apple created for the FCC on July 30 (released today) says: Designed by Apple in California . Mounted in China. ?

I always assumed that international models would still be made in China, and the US would handle the higher costs alone. At the?

Still, it is possible that the company has chosen to manufacture units that will be sold in the US in its homeland, then leaving China as a supplier of Macs Pro to the rest of the world, as developer Steve Troughton-Smith noted.

Regardless of where it is manufactured who is already counting the pennies?