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Amazon is giving up to $ 100 gift cards to Sonos speakers

Amazon is making available gift cards up to $ 100 in the purchase of Sonos, the company's smart speakers. Four different speaker models are included in the discount, with the lowest discount being $ 30 for Sonos Play, going through $ 50 Sonos One (Gen 2) and Playbar and maximum $ 100, for the version Sonos Beam.


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Most of these products have a high price tag and rarely get promoted by the company website. Some products are at a higher discount than the gift card available from the company, but others are at their normal price and only the value of the card provided by the company is discounted.

The Sonos Play: This is the oldest, but still widely marketed, version of Amazon in the package offered, including two speakers, with a $ 30 gift card. The price of $ 298 plus Amazon Gift Card $ 30.

Sonos One (Gen 2): This was Sonos' first smart speaker with support for Amazon's personal assistant Alexa, now available in a second generation with minor changes. It has no discount, the normal price of It's $ 249, but it's $ 50 on Amazon's Gift Card.

Sonos Beam: Beam is a soundbar for TV, in addition to enhancing the sound of the videos displayed it can also be used only for listening to music among other things, it supports Alexa and Google Assistant. Est by $ 359 with $ 100 gift certificate.

Sonos Playbar: This version has the same function as Beam, but bigger and more powerful, therefore also more expensive. The promotion is giving in addition to the gift card a wall bracket for securing the bar. The price of $ 699 plus $ 50 off.

If you can not access the product, make sure you are not being directed to the tab of the site hosted in Brazil, to access the correct link remove .br of the URL. Although the products are not available on the Brazilian website, Amazon delivers all products to national soil, but the request must be made by the global link. The promotion for a limited time.

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