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Turn your phone into a flashlight – Android

Your Android smartphone can practically become a ?Swiss Army knife?, helping you with some day-to-day tasks so you can spare no extra tools. There are several apps, for example, that take advantage of the device's display light and the camera's flash LED so you can use it as a flashlight.

Other apps go further and allow you to stream morse code messages and even flashing strobe lues to liven up a party. Now you know a selection with some of them.

Tiny flashlight

Indicated for:

who wants a super complete app with eight different light options and even broadcast in morse code

Tiny Flashlight is the most varied option, with eight different lighting options, from simple flashlight to Morse code transmission via camera LED blinks.

It also offers police lights, colorful display illumination and strobe-type flashing lights. All this in a beautiful interface, super easy to use.

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Brightest Flashlight Free

Indicated for:

simply turn on all possible lights of your Android at the same time

Brighest Flashlkight Grtis has a very raw look, in black and white and without refinements. But it delivers on what it promises: one of the brightest flashlights available on Google Play, as it turns on the display illumination, the camera LED, and even the glow of the physical keyboard.

The app, however, has few settings and somewhat annoying sounds that, fortunately, can be turned off.

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LED flashlight HD

Indicated for:

who are looking for a simple and beautiful app to help illuminate environments

The HD LED Flashlight basically has two functions: the common flashlight, which works with the camera's LED, and the colorful illumination, which makes use of the device's screen.

The beautiful interface helps you to select the desired color easily. The app, however, has a lot of instability and causes constant crashes.

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Flashlight (Intellectual Flame)

Indicated for:

who wants to liven up a party with flashing strobe lights

Flashlight, despite its name, serves less as a flashlight than as party lights. This is because there are nine levels that change the alternation of blinks, which makes it a super varied application for those who have this goal. The flashlight is extremely simple, although functional, but the app turns out not to be so practical for those who just want to use it for this function.

The interface does not help the novice, without indications or familiar buttons so that the operation of the application is clear at the beginning.

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There are many apps that turn your app into a flashlight, and most of them go beyond that and offer other possibilities. These are the differentials that will influence the user's choice.

Tiny Flashlight is by far the most complete. So much so that it even brings some options that seem not to have much use there. Brighest Flashlight is the ideal choice for those who need as much light as possible at the same time, regardless of a crafted interface or extra options.

Those who like the party or club atmosphere still have Flashlight, which offers nine blink patterns to set the mood. And the LED HD Flashlight is the easiest to use for those who want to enjoy the colorful display lighting.